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Our company is active in sectors related to real estate appraisal in Mykonos, (Katerina Masaki GR731000243AM 19/3/2022 EXPERT VALUER certification in Real Estate Property). We offer reliable services to Banking Institutions, Public Organizations, Businesses and many individuals.
The certified valuation can be used in any case by Legal or Natural persons who wish to know the current real Market Value of their fixed assets, for reasons of share capital increase – contribution in kind (L.2190 / 20), conversion of corporate form (Law 1297/72 & 2166/93), collateral against bank lending, settlement of internal issues, distribution, mergers, separations, absorptions & acquisitions, legal claims, claims for compensation due to expropriations, inheritance arrangements, X settlements, insurance settlements, , possible purchase or sale of real estate, but also for reasons of renegotiation of rents in order for the rent paid to be proportional to the market value of the property.


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Every project is different and therefore, the best way we can support you is by having an initial conversation to talk through your ideas. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

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