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[wph_br_styled_textbox]With 28 years of presence in Mykonos, our company records in its history a variety of construction projects in Mykonos, with great success. Our excellent know-how and long-term experience in the construction sector, combined with the existence of our specialized scientific and technical staff per sector of work, resulted in the implementation of projects with features that made us one of the best construction offices in Mykonos island.[/wph_br_styled_textbox]
[wph_br_styled_textbox]Our office is different as the services provided are both integrated and vertical. They are backed up on not only a technical level but a financial, accounting and legal level as well. Furthermore, a clients investment And, secondly, while the customer’s investment is examined, at the same time grants and subsidized programs are also considered as a means of financing and funding for the project.[/wph_br_styled_textbox]
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