Our central idea in the design of the bar Vicolo, is the integration of the traditional elements of the Cycladic architecture, with particular emphasis on narrow streets and colorful doors and windows of the country.
VICOLO in Italian means alley. This idea was reinforced immediately as the shape of the building itself makes up an alley-pass. The shop is divided into two areas: the area of ​​the bar and space for tables and chairs.
On site bar, the breakfast bar was designed in such a way as to resemble a miniature paved and behind it created an arch separated by wooden planks forming the space of the pot.
Wanting to highlight the meaning of the courtyard of houses of Mykonos, we formed a corresponding front-setting in the area of ​​tables and chairs.
The door and the window give the feeling of the “real” while in fact serving (single) ornamental purposes. The lighting is carefully designed to create alleys conditions by placing miniature lamps street, the garland with lights and with the backlight behind the decorative openings.