In several cases the business licensing permits of public health stores (restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, haberdashery, bakeries, pharmacies etc), garages, parking lots, crafts, etc. industries) requires the participation of an engineer to provide the floor plan of the area, the investigation into the legality of the structures and the preparation of certificates, technical reports, electromechanical studies and active fire safety protection where required depending on the desired activity.

Also, the engineer can issue the necessary documents and supporting documents requested from the relevant government agencies (main use certificate, land use etc.) on behalf of the applicant or assume the entire process of issuing the licensing permit.

It is important to consider whether it is allowed to install the company with land use in the region. As for the building or the part of the building where you install the enterprise, it will be necessary to establish what the building permit allow for(such as establishing a grocery should this particular area seems to be a shop in the building construction permit ). Also you must match the approved architectural plan of the building permit with the existing state of the building. Finally, if the building is approved, then it should not prohibit that use. If any of the above apply, then either it is not possible to issue the operating license in that building or area, whether additional action is required unless the process of legalizing illegal structures begins or the building permit is amended for a change in use.

For any type of business for which authorization is required with specific technical and public health standards, a detailed investigation with the engineer is necessary as to whether the building or part of a building meets these specifications before starting the process. Such standards exist for each use and usually relate to the existence of toilets (W.C. and hall with certain minimum size), distance from schools, churches, hospitals or companies with the same activity (such as in pharmacies), the height of the main area of ​​activity, the existence of storage space, creating  and the minimum packaging size etc. If any of the above does not meet the required specifications of the requested activity then either it is impossible to license (such as licensing permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages within school complex less than the distance allowed) or additional actions as such as small-scale version of the license for new layout of wc to complete the minimum required dimensions are required.

Along with the above the engineer if the owner wishes, the study of store space which can involve a simple layout of the site (such as jobs, benches, tables and chairs, refrigerators, etc.) to a comprehensive study interior design and decoration of the store.