In several cases the business licensing permits of public health stores (restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, haberdashery, bakeries, pharmacies etc), garages, parking lots, crafts, etc. industries) requires the participation of an engineer to provide the floor plan of the area, the investigation into the legality of the structures and the preparation of certificates, technical reports, electromechanical studies and active fire safety protection where required depending on the desired activity.

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A program totaling 4.67 billion Euros is set to be implemented in September 2015.  This program will cover infrastructure and energy saving, research and innovation, tourism and supporting and strengthening small and medium sized enterprises.

The new sectional program of the NSRF (2014-2020), set with the highest budget ever, offers hope to inject life into the market place and to take entrepreneurship out of its current imprisonment.  This is the 'Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation "(Restart), which is targeted for all of Greece.

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