10 years

of experience

Our vision is the creation of a solid team of professionals, a business initiative that could support an investment activity coming from abroad, with a focal point on the island of Mykonos and as a result to all Cyclades.

It is about creating a compact group of specialists that by reading every inherent weakness of the market and the state, comes to meet any technical, legal, accounting or economic issue so that any investment (purchase or rental of business or home) is completed without problems, delays and unnecessary financial burdens in the same office.

The individual members of this compact group is our legacy of resolving issues related to: control authorities, issuing appropriate documents or documents from the competent services, registration of technical problems and the necessary energy measurements, conduct techno-economic feasibility studies, recording tax or other legal specificities, cooperation with banking institutions for the completion of the investment.

In practice many investment attempts, especially in high value areas such as Mykonos and the Cyclades generally stumble in fragmentation (scientific or otherwise) specializations offered fragmentary and not under the same professional "roof" and a hindrance to the successful outcome of such case.


As mentioned before, our business will be able to provide an “all in one” service to a future investment activity derived (mainly) from abroad, at first on the island of Mykonos and at second phase in the Cyclades area.

This is in fact an "opportunity entrepreneurship" as all members of the Group have found – everyone from his perspective, very large investment interest especially for the island of Mykonos and with a broader view in Cyclades area. An interest that in order to materialize into business can only be handled by a group of professionals that match the challenges of this magnitude, reliable and holding the necessary knowledge: This is the foundation stone of our business.


Main target group is individuals or companies basically from abroad who are seeking a serious and totally specialized Group – Office – Company that will be capable of materializing  the investment they need (to find their dream home or professional space needed).


Katsoudas Kostas
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Kontizas Michael
Mechanical Engineer
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Masaki Katerina
Mechanical Engineer
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