The main team in our office consists of one architect, two mechanical engineers and one economist. Under the umbrella of a new company handle all aspects of any investment proposal in the areas of: purchasing, renting, constructing, planning or renovating and subsidizing via grants an estate. Our team under one roof can provide you with a clear cost estimate, timeline and mainly tangible guarantees.

Our team's efforts are supported and implemented by the design department and seen through to completion with an environmentalist, an engineer, a mechanical engineer, three architects of internal spaces, one decorator, one furniture designer, one 3D designer and an information technologies professional.

This particular group, being aware of the "preconceptions" of the market and government regulation as it concerns investments, especially in an area that can “burn” an investor, covers  every technical, legal, accounting or financial issue with the innovative practice of integrated service.


In team meetings that preceded all the parameters were analyzed, the cooperative procedure (or synergistic procedure) and the work method were considered. There is a common belief that such a place exists for such a "multi-service" as reported with specific examples. Negotiations for a large investment collapsed because of a series of problems that could not have been foreseen and dealt with rapidly in the same office. (Examples include: the legality or licensing of buildings, forged purchase contracts, difficult communication with an attorney or an engineer based in Athens, speculative tendencies by any broker or intermediary, etc.).

This is amplified even more in the hypersensitive issue of construction where stakeholders (engineers, contractors, technical teams, supervisors, etc.) are required to have excellent skills in cooperation and long term coordination so that final result meets the customer's expectations.


The great weapon our office has is the knowledge of the market (and particularly the local market) through the coexistence of four specialized scientists. The appropriate method of organization, operation and administration of the company is already in place. This synergy surpasses issues of  individuality to seamlessly provide for a sound and profitable business operation, for both the office team,  and most importantly – the customer’s  investment.

It became obvious that what was needed was to keep  the pace concurrent and share the same space to enable the processing of large-scale investment by foreign (mainly) and domestic investors, particularly in an environment politically and economically unstable as that of Greece today.

Our office is different as the services provided are both integrated and vertical. They are backed up on not only a technical level but a financial, accounting and legal level as well. Furthermore, a clients investment And, secondly, while the customer's investment is examined, at the same time grants and subsidized programs are also considered as a means of financing and funding for the project


Our office is able to fully support the path of any future investment activity. By being able to read the inherent weaknesses of the market and that of the state, we are able act accordingly to meet any technical, legal, accounting or economic issue so that any investment is completed in-house without problems, delays and unnecessary financial burdens.

In practice, many potential investments stumble and are tripped up, especially in regions such as Mykonos and the Cyclades in general that have high real estate value. This happens because cooperative action is a necessity between scientific or other specialists; when all of these specializations are offered in-house, as is the case with our office, and not out of individual firms, we are able to eliminate hindrances to successful outcomes in each particular case.

The main tool of our work is the creation of an electronic database that includes:

  1. A) A customer registry: potential investors with detailed profiles and the type of investment and
  2. B) A corresponding registry of potential property and business opportunities available for sale or rent, with analytical details such as visuals and other "critical" information for ranking and classification.